Typos, grammar errors, misspellings?

  an editor corrects misspelled words

Get proofreading and editing help today.

It’s hard to catch errors in your own writing. Spell check misses a lot. And friends and family aren’t usually trained to spot those pesky nuances of punctuation and grammar.
Get affordable, professional proofreading and editing help from Gotham Editorial Services. We’ll find your grammar errors, typos, sentence structure problems and the misspelled words that spell checkers miss.

Whether you’ve written...

  • • an article or an e-book
  • • a blog post
  • • or content for your band’s website
We can help you look professional and credible. We will polish your articles, posts and e-books, and make your website sing.
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Whether you’ve created...

  • • a print ad
  • • a product brochure
  • • banners or web pages
We’ll fix your errors while retaining your message for your audience. On paper or online, we know your reputation is on the line. Learn more

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More than 20 years’ experience proofreading and editing copy.

<p style="text-align: center;">Fast Turnaround</p>

Fast Turnaround

Tell us your deadline and we’ll get the job done ... on time and on budget.

<p style="text-align: center;"><a href="http://www.gothamedits.com/rates/">Affordably Priced</a></p>

We have competitive rates that won’t break the bank or your budget.

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